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AgQuest: Convenient Financing at Competitive Rates

Thanks to the close working relationship between United Prairie and AgQuest Financial Services, securing financing for your farming operation has never been easier or more convenient. We are able to offer financing that fits virtually any need you may have.

Unsecured Lines of Credit:

DIRECT LOAN – $250,000 in-house line of credit used for United Prairie LLC purchases only.

Secured Lines of Credit

COMPANION LOAN – Traditional line of credit used for all farm operating expenses throughout the season.  Our secured loan product typically uses growing crop, inventory, equipment or ag real estate as collateral.  We renew these lines annually and allow our clients to access the upcoming year’s credit line as early as June 1 of the current year to capture any prepayment discounts that may be available.

Machinery and Equipment Loans

We offer variable and fixed interest rates for any machinery and equipment purchases or refinances. Terms can be anywhere from 2 to 7 years with monthly or annual payments.

Real Estate Loans

We offer a wide range of options and terms for real estate purchases and refinances.  We can offer fixed and variable rates that can be amortized anywhere from 1 to 30 years.  Repayment can be structured with monthly, annual, bi-annual or semi-annual payments.  Virtually any structure is available to coincide with your repayment schedule.


Please Contact your AgQuest representative, Marcus Shaw, with any questions:

Marcus Shaw

(217) 840-6005



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