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Application Puts Data at Your Fingertips

By Aaron Grote, Technical Services Representative

As you may have read on our website or in an email, United Prairie is excited to offer the latest, and most convenient, way to access your vital data—DataOnTouch™. It’s a web-based program that allows you anytime access to your United Prairie account information, soil test results, maps, scouting reports, weather information, and more.

Once you’re signed up to access DataOnTouch™, you will also be able to take your iPad to the field, connect with the program, and see all the data pertaining to the area of the field you’re standing in. The program will link your GPS coordinates to the yield data, soil type and test results, and any other data for this particular point in your field—a great tool to help you compare crop performance to agronomic data in real time.

Looking ahead, we’re in the process of installing weather stations on a five-mile grid. We hope to have 40 stations in by this fall. You’ll be able to access the weather data they generate through DataOnTouch™. We’re taking the data even further, though.

The weather stations will be equipped with sensors to take soil moisture and temperature readings at 2, 5, 10, and 15 inches. By tracking rainfall and water movement through the soil, we’ll be able to estimate nitrogen loss using calculators developed by Purdue University. We hope to begin streaming data before the fall nitrogen application season.

We believe DataOnTouch™ will be a great resource for you. You can find a breakdown of all the information available to you through DataOnTouch™ by clicking here.

Aaron Grote Aaron Grote
Technical Services Representative
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