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Capacity Improvements Focused on Service

As is always the case, we have quite a few facility projects underway throughout the company. In Pierson, the new 1-million-gallon fertilizer tank is complete and ready to go. We’ve also upgraded and expanded the ammonia facility there and are in the process of expanding the chemical shed as well. The addition of a second loading bay and a Junge automation system will really improve loading efficiency and shorten lines.

In Dewey, a similar 1-million-gallon tank is just about finished. Over in White Heath, we’re just getting started on the construction of a new shop and office. And Jamaica is finally looking like it did before the tornado, which occurred just about a year ago.

On the equipment side, we’ve added an additional dry application machine, and we’ll continue to add both equipment and personnel to keep pace with your growth and increased efficiency.

Looking down the road, we have signed a letter of intent to purchase ground in Emery that would serve as the site for a potential new facility. We’re still in the process of evaluating the feasibility of building a location there, and we’ll be working toward a final decision over the next four to five months. We’ll keep you posted.

Tim Hughes Tim Hughes
General Manager
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