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Is It Enough

                                                                                                                IS IT ENOUGH?

                Spring is here and soon the planters will be rolling to put in the 2015 crop. Most decisions have been made, what varieties to plant, how to control weeds, and how to feed the crop and the crop will be

planted and let Mother Nature take over. However, is that enough?

                With the combination of input prices staying up and the value of crops dropping many growers are looking at where to make cuts to stay profitable. Is simply cutting cost the answer? There is no doubt

the weather is a huge factor but what other things should be considered? Are there truly enough nutrients to maximize the crop potential? Will insects or diseases limit the crop potential by affecting plant health?

                At United Prairie we will once again be conducting numerous trials and services to not only bring more value to our customers but, to continually educate our employees.

                This year we will once again be offering Tissue Sampling. Taking a sample of growing plants to learn if the plant may be deficient in some micro nutrients. By knowing this at this point there may be a foliar product

available help the plant maintain it’s full yield potential. We will also be offering a Pre Sidedress Nitrate Test. This is taking soil samples to determine if nitrate levels are sufficient for the crop to maximize yield potential.

                We will also be continuing, with the help of our customers, to conduct our on farm side by side trials. These trials are repeated throughout our trade area and are done with products to try and learn if they bring

more value to the farm. Products such as fungicide, insecticide, slow release nitrogen, and foliar products to try and provide a more educated recommendation to our customers. We understand that challenging times

face each one of our customers and the people at United Prairie want to do everything we can to assist in your success.

                If you would like to know more about products, services, or participate in a on farm trial please contact your local agronomist. Have a safe spring!

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