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It All Starts With the Seed

Seed deliveries will soon be rolling out to area farms as we prepare for spring planting. We want to have your seed in place and ready to go in the event of an early start to the season. As far as in-season seed needs are concerned, we’ll have a good supply of quality corn and soybean seed from which to choose. We can also get that seed to you quickly—in the field if necessary.

This is a good time to run your meters through a test station and make any necessary planter repairs and adjustments. Fine-tuning your meter is important, as we can expect variation in seed size and weight this season. It all starts with the seed, and proper placement can make a big difference in the final yield results.

Nitrogen management has been a topic of our winter meetings. Take the time to know the nitrogen needs of your hybrids, so you’ll know whether they need nitrogen early or later in the year to maximize yields. If you have questions, our agronomists can give you the answers.

Fighting sudden death
If this is a year that allows you to plant your soybeans early, consider using a new product on a couple of those early-planted fields. ILeVO® seed treatment is a new product designed to protect soybeans from Sudden Death Syndrome. During field trials, ILeVO has been shown to protect soybeans from early-season infection and reduce late-season leaf chlorosis and necrosis.

We have some ILeVO in stock, so if you would like to do some side-by-side trials, let us know, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

On the corn side, if we do wind up putting corn in early April, keep in mind that some hybrids have better early vigor. Determine which of your hybrids have exceptional early emergence and can handle those cool, wet conditions, and make sure they’re the ones you choose for those early acres.

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