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New Partner Brings Immense Resources

The boards of directors of Premier Cooperative and Topflight Grain Cooperative, at the recommendation of the United Prairie board, have invited CHS Inc. to join the ownership group of United Prairie LLC. This decision comes after several months of study and evaluation by the board and management of United Prairie.

Both cooperatives believe that the addition of CHS to the partnership will significantly benefit the patrons of Premier and Topflight, as well as producers who are not currently members of either cooperative or current customers of United Prairie. Governance control of the LLC will remain with Premier and Topflight.

CHS Inc. is a Fortune 100 company and the largest farmer-owned cooperative in the United States. Among other things, CHS is a diversified energy, grains, and foods company with a substantial global presence.

I am convinced that having CHS as a new partner will allow us to bring additional services and cutting-edge technologies to our customers. As a locally owned company, we are always focused on bringing better services and offerings to our patrons. Adding CHS to our ownership group accomplishes that mission and more. This is a real win-win for the patrons and employees of United Prairie and CHS.

Leaders from both Topflight and Premier agree. “This is a rare opportunity for our patrons to access new technologies and strengthen the already high level of service United Prairie offers,” says Scott Docherty, United Prairie Director and General Manager of Topflight Grain Inc. “The new ownership group is still locally controlled but adds the tremendous resources that CHS brings.”

“This is an opportunity to bring additional value to our customers and employees,” adds Roger Miller, United Prairie Board President and CEO, Premier Cooperative. “Adding CHS to our ownership group will give our patrons the improved purchasing power that a company the size of CHS brings.”

The addition of CHS is expected to provide improved leverage and access to resources for the supply of inputs, cutting-edge technology, enhanced market knowledge, and expertise in the ever-changing marketplace for farm input resources.

The board and management of United Prairie have worked diligently to ensure that this step is in the best interest of our customers and the members of Premier and Topflight. As with any change, however, there are likely questions in need of answers. To that end, all United Prairie customers have received a letter explaining this change with an additional information sheet that addresses anticipated questions. Of course, if you still have questions after reading the letter and attachments, please contact us.

Tim Hughes Tim Hughes
General Manager
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