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One Step Back, but Four Steps Forward

One of our major goals each winter is to make sure we’re ready to serve you come spring. This winter we added rebuilding to our to-do list, as an EF-3 tornado destroyed our not-yet-year-old chemical building and office in Jamaica. I’m happy to report that rebuilding is proceeding on schedule and we expect to be up and running for the spring season.

On the facility upgrade side of the ledger, we’ve remodeled the chemical loadout facilities at Tolono and Wheat Heath. Both systems are now fully automated, increasing accuracy, ease of record keeping, and load in/load out speed.

Work on the Dewey facility is virtually complete, which adds a full-service chemical mixing facility along with bulk seed and treatment capability to further enhance service and accessibility to local growers. In addition to the major projects, our agronomy staff spends virtually every day in the off-season getting equipment in top operating condition, so when the weather does break, we can maximize our efficiency with minimal downtime. 

Our applicators and support staff have also gone through a lot of training to stay on top of their game. From ammonia safety to spray tip training, they have made good use of their winter downtime.

Planning pays
We never know what Mother Nature has in mind, so the more pre-planning we can do regarding your needs for this spring, the easier life will be for everyone. If you haven’t talked to our agronomy staff regarding your needs, let’s get together soon before the rush begins. Regarding fields and field maps, it makes life easier. 

Speaking of the unknowns, phosphorus has suddenly become a hot commodity after being down for many months. Fortunately, we have our needs covered, but if you’re anticipating last-minute changes that might impact your needs for this nutrient, let us know as soon as you can. 

We continue to upgrade our website to make it a more useful tool for you. Our latest feature will allow you to sign on and access fertilizer pricing and market information. We receive a lot of questions about this area, and this is an attempt to provide access to information that can answer some of those questions. 

If there will be any new splits on the accounting side for the coming season, please let our staff know. Our accounting staff does a great job, and you can feel free to talk to them directly about any changes. They usually operate behind the scenes, but enjoy the chance to get to know our customers.

Tim Hughes Tim Hughes
General Manager
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