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Options for Resistant Weeds

As Tim noted in his article, the Xtend® soybean system has been the big topic going into the 2017 production season. While there is a lot of excitement about the opportunities another weed control tool offers, there is also some hesitation. The reality is that the majority of you won’t go full throttle with Xtend this year.

The good news is, we have been taking a close look at alternatives for those acres that regularly have resistant weed populations. We’ve grown LibertyLink® beans at the Innovation Farm and in our test plots for several years, so we’re very comfortable recommending them in the right situations. Our data from this past year shows very comparable yield performance to Roundup Ready® varieties. If you’re dealing with resistance issues, talk to one of our United Prairie agronomists.

The other hot topic, pun intended, is our unseasonably warm February. A lot of anhydrous went on in February—only the third time in my 25 years here that I can remember us being in the field this time of year. We used N-Serv nitrogen stabilizer with those applications—and strongly urged everyone to do the same—to keep the nitrogen where it should be until the crop is ready to take it up.

We’re also seeing winter annuals already starting to green up. With weeds getting that much of a head start, we recommend getting together with one of us and coming up with a plan to address the issue. We want to give crops every early-season advantage possible without weeds competing with emerging crops for water and nutrients.

Rob Litwiller Rob Litwiller
Agronomy Sales
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