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Plan for Success

April has arrived and with it some much needed rainfall and more moderate temperatures. This is also the time when many of you are putting those finishing touches on equipment to make sure everything is ready when it is time to roll.

As final preparations are made for planting obviously many plans have been made to make this another successful year. Decisions on fertility, weed control, and what seed to plant are keys to obtain the highest production possible. With the plans made it is time to get this crop planted and let mother nature take over. We all realize that from planting to harvest the weather will be the biggest factor on the amount of success that can be realized from this crop. However, when planting is completed is timely post herbicide application and possibly a sidedress application of nitrogen really the only thing you should or can do to assist this crop.

We are constantly reminded of what we should do to be healthier and be more productive. A growing crop needs the same attention. As the crop is growing what is really going on that affects it’s potential. We can all watch the weather and hope the conditions do not have too much of an adverse affect but, what are some things a grower can do to help maximize the potential of the crop during the growing season. Does this crop have sufficient nutrients? Is there anything we can do during this period to increase the potential.

For years we have addressed the basic needs of a crop. But, as higher levels are achieved through superior genetics and improved practices are we truly maximizing crop potential. Also as newer more effective products are brought to the market are we taking advantage of their value. Evaluating low nutrient levels in the plant during the growing season is not only possible but could be critical in reaching full potential.

United Prairie has implemented and intense Tissue Sampling program to assist in determining the needs of your growing crop. We have two individuals dedicated to this process to assure timely and accurate information. Talk to local Sales Agronomist to learn more details about this program.

Have a safe spring!

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