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Projects Enter the Home Stretch

As is usually the case, we have projects underway for the coming year. As Eric discusses in his article, our new agronomy center in Emery will soon be fully operational. The new Hagie machine Eric mentioned is a high-volume STS 16 with a 120-foot boom, which we’ll be using for heavy-rate pre- and post-plant and fall burndown applications.

In White Heath, we’re expanding our chemical shed to add a second loadout bay. We installed a fully automated system two years ago, and even with that addition we still experience some high-traffic periods. The second bay will add about 25 percent more efficiency in moving trucks through, which will help relieve the congestion.

Our locations have worked through much of their winter maintenance, and continue to get everything ready to roll. We’re planning for spring, and we’ve rented equipment where necessary to handle additional volume.

The new Hagie in Emery is an addition to our application fleet, and we’ve also traded in a 90-foot Hagie and replaced it with a 120-foot RoGator® in Pierson. We’ve purchased another 120-foot Hagie for Dewey in place of a rental machine. All three of these machines are high-volume, dual tire applicators.

In terms of staffing, we’re sitting in very good shape. With the growth in our business, some of you will see a few new faces this spring. They’ve been training hard and will be ready to go when spring opens up. We’re all looking forward to working with you in 2016.

Ben Rawlins Ben Rawlins
Operations Manager
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