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Ready to Roll

Getting equipment dialed in and ready for the spring rush is our priority at the moment. With liming complete, we’ve converted that machine to a sprayer. We’ve purchased two new floaters, and we’ve also been able to keep the two machines we’re trading in through spring. So we’ll have two extra machines to send to Dewey and Jamaica.

In addition to their primary role of side-dressing 28% nitrogen, the two Hagies we purchased last summer will be used for spraying this spring and burndown next fall. Our anhydrous bars are all ready to go as well. Plus, we’ve added the manpower we need to make efficient use of all the new equipment.

Winter transitions
January and February were spent getting our locations in order, as one location manager retired and another returned to the farm. In the end, we were able to fill those vacancies from within—the sign of a healthy organization. However, we wound up with new management at five of six locations. Getting everyone used to their new surroundings took place during the last half of February.

Now, with the right people in the right places and some new hires on board, we’re ready to raise the bar a bit this spring. We’ve made ourselves a little uncomfortable, and that’s a good thing. You can’t get complacent in this business.

As you get ready to take on another production season, know that we’re ready to help.

Dennis Bates Dennis Bates
Operations Manager
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