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Striving to be the Best

At United Prairie, we have a goal of providing our customers with top-level service. We are also deeply committed to employee and customer safety. This is why we invest in training that’ll ensure we have the best-trained employees in the industry. As an example, read all about the Winter training schedule for the United Prairie Operations team below.

Winter Training For Operation Team

Ammonia Technician Training
Ban, Michael, Drew, Tyler, Andy, Darrin, Scott, and Brian all attended a three-day school hosted by Asmark in their new training center in Bloomington. This course covers many aspects of ammonia equipment including valves, piping, hoses, nurse tanks, storage tanks, tool bars, and other aspects of the safe use of ammonia.

Custom Application and Safety Training
We are sending 30 employees to this session, which covers pesticide stewardship, drift, pesticide labels, contamination, recordkeeping, rinsing, and tips to reduce applicator claims. This will be held in Champaign on Feb. 4. Nationwide is sponsoring this training.

IFCA Convention
All Location Managers, plus Scott and Brian, attended the convention held in Peoria on Jan. 22-23. Along with being able to talk to factory reps about equipment and applications we also attended seminars concerning ammonia safety, teambuilding, and future compliance items.

Ammonia Training Certification
We will be sending 25 people to recertify their ammonia safety certificate. This training/certification is done by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. They will become competent attendants when handling ammonia.


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