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Thinking About 2017

As we gear up for harvest, we’re also preparing to evaluate the performance of the hybrids and varieties in our test plots. Based on our analysis, we may adjust the package of hybrids and varieties we recommend.

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions concerning weed control, specifically how best to control tough weeds while maintaining yields. To that end, Liberty® soybeans have been getting a lot of attention. Based on the results I’m seeing from suppliers that use the Liberty genetics, I foresee us increasing our sales of Liberty beans next year.

Of course, the approval of Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ soybeans give us another option—especially once the EPA gives approval to the herbicide system specifically designed for these soybeans. Even without that approval, the fact that the next round of genetic improvements have all been built into the Xtend line makes them well worth considering. Consequently, we expect Xtend sales to increase next year as well.

Once the system approach gets approved, the issue will be management. While the new technology should minimize drift and volatilization issues, we’re acting now and putting a plan together to handle the system in a way that is safe and stewardship-friendly.

On the corn side, we don’t see anything equivalent to the Xtend system coming down the pipeline—though we will be evaluating the new genetics that seed companies are always bringing to the field. In light of the fact that corn prices are $1 lower than this time last year, our biggest challenge is to bring the best products to the field at an affordable price.

We will continue to make every effort to evaluate all the options and bring a package of corn and soybean choices to you that offer performance and weed control options, along with agronomic recommendations that help you maximize their yield potential.

Tal Holmes Tal Holmes
Seed Manager
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