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United Prairie VT2 and Smartstax Decisions

This summer we had a lot of questions around planting VT2 hybrids. Seed suppliers continue to come with new genetics that are only available in VT2 and these genetics are some of the highest yielding genetics out there. In an effort to help us make decisions for this coming year we participated in a joint effort with Wyffels and put yellow sticky traps in our bean plot fields. These sticky traps were part of over 500 traps put out by Wyffels this summer. We have attached the results from the Wyffels study. We also put out an additional 9 traps and checked those for a 4 week period  from July 20th– August 17th.  Results were the following.

Milmine- .32/day                                Atwood- .14/day

Camargo- .11/day                               Ivesdale- .46/day

Seymour- .18/day                               Mansfield- .18/day

Royal- .46/day                                     Catlin- .07/day

Sidney- .50/day

We would appreciate the opportunity to help you make your seed choices next year and hopefully this kind of information helps. If you have any questions please contact one of our Seed Specialist.


Wyffels study results:   BTR_Manage_Corn_Rootworm_2018_1



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