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We Have to Win This War

One of our agronomic areas of focus as a company over the past two to three years has been the issue of weed resistance. The problem continues to grow, so each year we identify fields with resistant populations, take samples from those fields, and submit them to the university for confirmation. Much of what we found last year was a combination of resistance to both glyphosate and the PPO family of herbicides.

Obviously, that limits our options from a post application standpoint. Last year, we made progress in the fight as more of you used pre-emergent products and were willing to move up toward the higher end of the recommended application rate. As I say all the time, the easiest weed to kill is the one that was never there.

I’ve taken an additional step in problem fields. I will layer my residuals, either by putting on two modes of action up front in my pre applications or, in some scenarios, going in with a preplant incorporated product and then an early pre again, then using my post chemistry. I think that is the direction we’re going to have to go, especially in areas where Palmer amaranth raises its ugly head—which it will.

I know this approach can lead to a tough conversation in a year when everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. But the alternative of possible runaway resistance or widespread breakthroughs, and the bushels and treatment dollars that can cost, makes up-front prevention look like a pretty good bargain.

Yes, Dicamba, Callisto®, and 2,4-D resistant beans are on the horizon—new weapons in the war on weeds. But what concerns me is that we are already using all those chemistries in our post applications on corn. We can burn out those chemistries through overuse just as quickly as we did glyphosate.

If you’re switching to one of these new beans or a Liberty® bean, make sure you know the chemistry. Know how much water to use, which adjuvants you need, and the right spray tips.

Remember we’re here to help, whether you need advice on herbicides or application services. We’ll help you fight the war on weeds.

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