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IDOA Reveals Online Ammonia Training for Farmers

January 11, 2021

Last year the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) released information on a new program that will require farmers who apply, transport, and/or handle anhydrous ammonia to go through IDOA approved training every three years.  On January 4th, 2021 the IDOA released a statement and link to their website for anyone who would like to take this training online.  Farmers are required to have the initial training by April of 2022, but are being encouraged by the IDOA and IFCA to take the training as soon as possible.  Safety is the top priority at United Prairie, not just for our employees but for our customers and their families as well.  United Prairie is encouraging all our farmers who deal with and transport anhydrous ammonia to take the training here before the Spring season to ensure you and the people that help you have quality safety information for dealing with anhydrous ammonia.  I have attached The January 4th Letter from the IDOA and information from IFCA as well.  We hope everyone has a safe and productive 2021!

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