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Crop Scouting

Most farmers have a lot of acres to keep an eye on during the growing season—and that in addition to all of the other jobs that demand your attention. It’s a great idea to have a second set of well-trained eyes on those fields, and that’s exactly what United Prairie’s crop scouting service offers. We’ll monitor your fields to determine crop progress and watch for weed, disease, or insect problems. You’ll have an early warning when issues develop, and will be able to schedule applications at the correct stage of crop development.

Timeliness is everything when you’re working to stop a fast-moving insect infestation or disease outbreak. That’s why United Prairie is always looking for the latest crop scouting tools to support our scouts in the field. For example, our scouts are using an iPad-based app, ScoutPro, that enables them to load each individual field, then geo-reference specific issues in that field. Any information about diseases, weeds, or nutrient deficiencies is immediately recorded. Once the field has been scouted, the report is emailed directly to United Prairie and to the farmer. This leads to quicker decisions, faster response, and healthier crops.

ScoutPro is just one of the innovative solutions we’ve put into practice to help you farm more efficiently.

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