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2023 Agronomy and Seed Intern Team


Kamryn Frost

Kamryn is from Mahomet, IL majoring in Agronomy Management at Illinois State University. She is currently a freshman and expected to graduate in 2026. She is interested in a career that works a lot outside in the fields and would love to be in a leadership role at some point in her career. She has always had an interest in agriculture and throughout FFA in high school she found her passion for agriculture. She says she looks forward to learning so many knew things, gaining new skills, networking opportunities, and having a lot of fun! Through this internship she will be crop scouting, job shadowing and helping where it is needed.



Delaney Kamradt

Delaney grew up on a small family farm outside of Tolono, IL. She is going to The University of Illinois through the Parkland Pathways program, and she is studying crop science with a concentration in agribusiness. She is currently a freshman and expected to graduate in May of 2026. She wants to work in crop insurance, more specifically being a crop claims specialist. She wants a job where she is partially in the field and partially behind a desk. She wants to incorporate agriculture and finance into her career. Growing up around agriculture and starting to farm at a young age pushed her in the agriculture direction. She said she is excited most about learning more about the crop production side of agriculture to take that new information and be able to apply it to her own farm. Through this internship she will be crop scouting, job shadowing and helping where it is needed.


Shannon Flavin

Shannon is from Tolono, Illinois and currently attending the University of Illinois in ACES Undeclared but anticipate declaring in Crop Science with a Crop Agribusiness concentration by the Fall of 2023. She is currently a freshman with an expected graduation of May 2026.  Rather than having an exact career goal, she maintains a purposeful mindset to explore and grow her network in the promising field of agriculture. She has grown up in agriculture and began a pumpkin business in eighth grade that fuels her love for the industry! She said she genuinely looks forward to becoming part of the United Prairie family to engage with people in all aspects of the company and work in the field for hands-on learning of all thing’s agronomy. Through this internship she will be crop scouting, job shadowing and helping where it is needed


Ryker Ewing

Ryker is from Lacon, IL . He is a sophomore at The University of Illinois with an expected graduation of May of 2025. He is an agricultural leadership, education, and leadership major with a concentration in education. He wants to teach high school level agriculture. He said he chose agriculture because he has been around it his whole life, but he is ready to get in it. He said he has such a love and appreciation for agriculture and wants to instill this love into other people. The thing he is most excited about is to learn and become somewhat knowledgeable as he goes through the internship. He says if he can learn something new every day, he will have had a perfect internship!



Jameson Sprauge

Jameson Sprague is from Williamsport, IN. He is a Senior at The University of Illinois and is studying Agricultural Engineering with an expected graduation of May of 2023. Most of his family lives in or around Oakwood, IL. He said he chose the agricultural industry because of my family’s life focuses- my grandparents own and operate a cattle farm, my father is an outfitter for Whitetail Deer hunts, and many others around me find themselves invested in Ag. He is undecided where his future takes him, but he has an interest in the technology side of Ag. He says through “United Prairie, I hope to gain more knowledge on the resources that I will be working with as well as form some relationships that can last due to the possibility that I will be working with my counterparts in the near future.”


Conner Lewis

Conner is from Tuscola, IL. He is currently a freshman at Parkland College and in the pathways program through the University of Illinois. His major is Agriculture Business. He says he choose Agriculture because it is a very lucrative business in Central Illinois, and he wishes to get involved with it. The career that interests him is one where I am one that will allow him to grow within the company. He also says he looks forward to the summer of hard work and meeting new people and learning a lot. He is excited to see the process of farm to hand and learning how we as United Prairie help with that process.

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