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Our Offering: Competitive, fixed rate, unsecured loans on purchases from United Prairie.  

  • Accolade input loans finance the direct purchase of products for United Prairie customers.  They're a convenient way to finance those purchases with limited paperwork and quick decision timeframes.  They provide a no-hassle direct link to United Prairie for easy servicing and administration.

Financing Buckets (Individualized interest rate within each category)

  • Input (Seed)
  • Protection (Chemical)
  • Nutrient (Fertilizer)

Loan Application Requirements

  • Notes at a $600,000 value or less
    • Simple One Page Application
  • Notes with a value over $600,000
    • 3 Years’ worth of Financials (all individuals/entities involved with the loan).
      • Tax Returns
      • Balance Sheets
    • Year to Date Profit and Loss
    • Crop Plan and Projection
    • Signed Application

***Loan Maturity Date: February 10th of the Following Year***

Program Highlights

  • Frees Up Cash Flow
  • Crop Year Specific
  • Flexibility for Tax Planning
  • Easy Access to Account Information
  • Fixed Rates to Maturity

For additional information, please contact our finance manager…

Beau Bennett                                                                         

(217) 841-0416                                                                      



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