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The right products at the right time in the right amount with the right placement. That’s our formula for fertility program success. We have all the products and formulations you’ll need, from standard dry and liquid fertilizers to foliar-applied nutrients. Inputs, however, aren’t the key. It’s the knowledge of how all these elements are brought together that delivers top yields in your field.

We use a systems approach, and that system begins with evaluating the goals and farming practices of every farmer we serve. Every fertility prescription we put together is a solution for a specific situation on your farm based on hard data and the way you farm. From the agronomist to the applicator, we work as a team to make certain everyone is on the same page.

As new products and application technologies come onto the market, we evaluate them to determine if they will benefit farmers in our territory. Then we bring the best new approaches to you. That’s why we’ve added an innoculant and a biostimulant to our seed treatments—to give your crop every advantage right out of the gate.

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