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There was a day when the most common seed recommendation was to plant the best-yielding hybrid or variety everywhere you could.  Obviously, that day is gone. Seed is your most vital, and also one of your most complex, inputs. So, we treat the seed selection and placement process with the precision it deserves.

We use a multi-step, software-driven approach to match the right seed to the right field, taking into account previous yields, fertility levels, soil type, insect and disease pressure, and a variety of other variables. We do our own seed treatment, so we can also customize that variable to address your specific conditions and production methods.

The best hybrids and varieties in the world won’t perform to their full potential unless all the variables are accounted for. That’s what we do, and why United Prairie is your best choice for seed.

Seed lines

United Prairie proudly carries these leading seed brands. Wyffels, LG, Allegiant and Brevant give our seed professionals the ability to place the highest yielding corn genetics on every farm we work with. Likewise, Stine, Credenz, Allegiant, LG and Brevant give us the products we need to place the ideal soybean on every acre. Maximizing return to the grower in all trait and non-gmo platforms.. We also offer a full line of cover crops.

Seed availability

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