United Prairie LLC

Custom Application

If it can be run through a dry spreader, anhydrous knife, or sprayer, we can apply it. And our Apex hub can supply it. Our fleet can handle:

  • Standard and variable-rate anhydrous

  • Standard and variable-rate dry and liquid fertilizer

  • Standard and variable-rate limestone (4-5 dedicated machines)

  • Side dress nitrogen application

  • Burndown, pre-emergence, and post-emergence crop protection application

We can provide as-applied maps with precise, real-time data for farm managers and absentee landlords.

You know experienced operators make a big difference, and our applicators average more than 10 years of application experience. They know application and they know the territory. All are certified and licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and we provide ongoing, regular training to keep them current on products, technology, and the latest application practices.

United Prairie also has a priority relationship with an aerial applicator, enabling us to provide timely aerial application of fungicides and insecticides.


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